Winter Gasshuku


Left Until Keiko Begins

Paradaisu and Yellowstone Aikikai are pleased to announce a full day training gasshuku on Saturday March 3, 2018. We are honored that Sensei James Sterling will be conducting the sessions.  Sterling is among the up and coming ASU instructors receiving national acclaim for his technique and instruction.

Space is limited to 18 total participants. Reservations will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

 Click the button to reserve your spot and make your $30 mat fee donation.


The winter gasshuku will be held at the Livingston dojo located at 801 E. Park Livingston MT 59047


James Sterling Sensei (3rd dan)

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Aikido Journal article written by Josh Gold on ASU Founder Mitsugi Saotome’s seminar held in Redlands, California last fall.  Josh shares some observations of both James Sterling and Chetan Prakish who will be in Bozeman in April.  You will not want to miss training with either of these instructors.

“Any skeptics who believe the art of aikido is incapable of forging an authentic warrior should meet Sterling Sensei. He’s got a huge heart, solid technique, the spirit of a leader, not to mention that he’s tough as nails.

Messores called up James as uke for a demonstration. I was a little shocked to see the ferocity of his attacks. Nothing reckless, but James was attacking with tremendous power and speed, as well as dead-serious intent. This was not a highly polished, choreographed demonstration. Messores was putting his aikido to the test against real attacks with serious power. He even got clipped by one high speed strike, acknowledged it, and moved on. This was a little beyond the intensity level of a typical class demo, and I liked it. Not everyone will have the technical skill or inclination to share their aikido this way, but I was genuinely impressed and respect the approach.


Chetan Prakash Sensei, Chief Instructor of Redlands Aikikai (6th dan). I got some great technical guidance from Prakash Sensei and really enjoyed my time on the mat with him.

Chetan is humble, kind, exceedingly intelligent, and a true pleasure to be around. He’s a professor of mathematics and physics and leads a research initiative focused on human consciousness. He’s fascinating to talk to and a great ambassador for the aikido world.”

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