Membership Agreement – Annual


Payments are re-occuring for 12 months at $55  ($660 annually) and paid via the Paypal Subscription Option.  By entering your payment information into the Paypal Subscription system and selecting to submit such information – you are agreeing to join Paradaisu Aikikai (Paradise Valley Aikido) for a 1 year period, beginning the month first payment is received.

Should you elect to discontinue Membership participation you may do so at anytime; however, the balance of the Annual Membership Agreement fee will remain due and payable.  You may elect to pay any such balance through continued monthly payments until the Agreement is paid in full; or, you can make a single lump sum payment of the balance.  Paradaisu Aikikai reserves the right to accept any unpaid balance for a “cancellation penalty fee” under extenuating circumstance and will exercise such acceptance on a case-by-case basis. Any paid Membership benefits that are not used for the remaining term, if any, will not be refunded.

Membership fees are processed through the secure Paypal portal. Acceptable forms of payment include bank check/draft, debt and credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa) are accepted through the PayPal system. PayPal (3rd party) provides a safe and secure environment to make your financial transaction.

Your Paypal account will indicate “A & E Blomert Enterprises, LLC or Aikido Today” on the payment receipt.

Membership benefits include attendance at all general training classes scheduled at Paradaisu Aikikai (Paradise Valley Aikido); as well as, a reciprocal arrangement at Big Sky Aikido dojo located in Bozeman, MT. Seminars and special workshops are excluded from standard membership benefits and attendance at these classes require a separate fee. Members may participate in general dojo classes as often as they like; however, any class that the Member does not attend will not constitute a benefit not rendered. Member forfeits any “unused or missed” class benefit. More specific details can be found in the Membership Agreement document, which you will receive as a printed and electronic copy.

Membership renewal will be required at term’s completion.  You may elect to continue for another 1 year term or a Monthly Membership program.  Renewal needs to be completed before the Annual Agreement term expires or your membership status will automatically default to the Monthly Membership program. Fee rates for Monthly Membership are not set and may change.  There is no “grandfathering” of the Member’s annual rate from one agreement term to the next.  Paradaisu Aikikai reserves the right to change rates and member benefits at any time. The current rates at the time of Membership renewal will apply for the renewal period. Please note that annual membership in Aikido Schools of Ueshiba and Big Sky Aikido are renewed on January 15th of each year.  These fees are separate and in addition to the monthly Paradaisu Aikikai Membership fee.  The ASU & BSA membership fees are included in the New Student Enrollment, so there are no additional fees incurred during the first year.   Any student enrolling during the last quarter of the year (October – December) will have their enrollment fee credited for the ASU & BSA membership to the up-coming year.  Therefore not needing to pay any additional fees for the next year.