5 FOR $55 Promotion

Give Aikido training a “test drive” With the 5/55 promotion and save 27% off the regular membership rate.  Start or stop training whenever you wish. Just pay $55 membership fees for the upcoming 30 day period.  This special discount rate is valid for the first 5 months of your dojo membership. If you wish to continue training after the promotional period,  you will need to renew your membership using the general membership agreement.

All students are responsible to have a serviceable Aikido dogi (uniform) within a reasonable time (7 -10 days) of beginning their training.  The dojo can help in ordering a dogi for you including sizing information and special pricing from our equipment supplier.  If you already have a dogi, please note that formal dojo etiquette requires either a white or cream colored fabric.

The 5/55 promotion does not include the one time enrollment ($100 cost) fee that will need to be completed by all students.

3 Easy Steps to Enroll Now

1. Complete the Student Information Form (click the button below to access).

Student Information Form

2. Review the general membership agreement terms and payment methods. New 5/55 Monthly membership is $55.00.


3. Enter your payment information in the secure PayPal portal. Accepted payment forms are bank check/draft, debit card, or credit card (American Express, Discovery, MasterCard and Visa). Please note that this will create a reoccuring payment for monthly membership fees for 5 months passes or until membership is cancelled (see membership agreement for details).

Set Up Payments

Once you have completed all 3 steps, check your e-mail for your membership package and “quick start” instructions.

(Please allow 48 hours for your enrollment information to be processed.)

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18. Individuals under the age of 18 (minors) require the written consent of their parent or court appointed guardian before being allowed to train. Membership for minors will be in the name of the responsible adult (parent or guardian) on behalf of the minor, and financial responsibility for membership terms will be the parent/guardian’s.

Members in” good standing” may avail themselves of any General Session class offered by Paradaisu Aikikai. This means that all necessary legal forms, including but not limited to Liabilty Waiver – Membership Agreement – Emergency Contact Information, have been completed and accepted by the dojo administrator. All member fees have been paid. In addition, members must be properly attired (per dojo standards) and in good physical condition to undertake Aikido training. It is the member’s sole individual responsibility to insure that they are cleared by a medical physician to participate in Aikido training.

Membership includes benefits beginning on the 1st day of each month until the last day of the month. A membership that starts at any time other than the 1st of the month will be assessed a pro-rata fee ($6 per class on the remaining schedule) for the current month. Thereafter, a full monthly fee is charged starting with the next full 30-day period.

Fees are processed through the secure Paypal portal which accepts bank checks/drafts, debit cards, and credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa). PayPal (3rd party) provides a safe and secure environment through which to make your financial transaction.

By entering the payment information into the Paypal system and selecting to submit such information, you are agreeing to join Paradaisu Aikikai (Paradise Valley Aikido Dojo) using the Monthly Membership program. Should you elect to discontinue Membership participation, you may do so at anytime; however, any unused Membership benefits remaining for the month, if any, will not be refunded.

Your Paypal account will indicate “A & E Blomert Enterprises, LLC, or Aikido Today” on the payment receipt.

Membership benefits include attendance at all general training classes scheduled at Paradaisu Aikikai (Paradise Valley Aikido). Seminars and special workshops are excluded from standard membership benefits, and attendance at these classes requires a separate fee. Members may participate in general dojo classes as often as they like; however, any class that the member does not attend will not constitute a service benefit not rendered. The member forfeits any “unused or missed” class benefit. More specific details can be found in the Membership Agreement document, which you will receive as a printed and electronic copy.